/Brilliant is adding native LIFX smart bulb support to its smart home controller

Brilliant is adding native LIFX smart bulb support to its smart home controller

Brilliant is adding native LIFX smart bulb support to its smart home controller | TechHive

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LIFX bulbs use Wi-Fi, so they don’t necessarily need a controller, but this should be a benefit to Brilliant users nonetheless.

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Brilliant announced today that it has added native integration for LIFX smart bulbs to its line of smart lighting controls. You can already control LIFX bulbs over your Wi-Fi network and with a smart speaker, but Brilliant users will still benefit from being able to control the bulbs with Brilliant’s touch-sensitive wall controllers and with the Brilliant app for Android and iOS devices.

The Brilliant Control smart switch panel is available in one-, two-, and three-switch configurations and features a large touchscreen (models with more than one switch include touch-sensitive sliders to the right on the touchscreen). These sliders function as dimmers for each of the circuits that are connected to the controller.

Homeowners who install LIFX bulbs will be able to not only turn the bulbs on and off and control their brightness from Brilliant’s app and switches, but will also be able to change colors (with color-changing bulbs) and color temperatures (from warm white to cool white).

LIFX users will also be able to create lighting scenes using multiple bulbs, and trigger them with the switch or app. The Brilliant Smart Home Control also features built-in Amazon Alexa support, so users will be able to turn LIFX bulbs on and off and trigger lighting scenes using voice commands.

Christopher Null praised the Brilliant Control for its innovative features when he reviewed the device for TechHive, although he also found the product somewhat difficult to install.

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