/Firefoxs new stylized logo is starting to arrive – CNET

Firefoxs new stylized logo is starting to arrive – CNET

Firefox Nightly 2019 logo icon

The new logo features an even more stylized, leg-less version of the fox. 

Mozilla; Stephen Shankland/CNET

Mozilla has released a new test version of its web browser that introduces the new Firefox logo and drops “Quantum” from its name.

Mozilla long ago moved the Firefox icon to a more stylized look, but the newest version is another step away from the original drawing of a fox wrapped around the globe. Even though the fox’s face is now in view and its limbs have vanished, it’s still easily recognized.

The new icon arrived over the weekend in version 70 of Firefox Nightly, the incarnation designed for people who want to test the latest features and who can put up with crashes or other problems. Firefox Nightly will settle down into a beta version in coming weeks, then into the main version everyone gets a few weeks after that.

The logo in Firefox Nightly has a different blue/purple color scheme. The regular Firefox will stick with the red, orange and yellow colors.

A simplified new Firefox iconA simplified new Firefox icon

This is what the regular Firefox logo will look like once today’s Nightly version matures enough for release to everyone.


Also in the new version is a splash screen that says just “Firefox browser” instead of the “Firefox Quantum” that’s been around since the November 2017 release of Firefox 57. That Quantum branding effort signified a major effort to speed up Firefox to better compete with Google’s Chrome, which dominates browser usage. At the time, Mozilla said the Quantum brand wasn’t necessarily a permanent change.

Mozilla’s newest challenge to Chrome centers on protecting your privacy online — for example by blocking websites and online ads that try to track you. Chrome has lagged other browsers like Safari, Firefox and Brave in that regard.

Mozilla didn’t immediately comment.

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