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Superpowers which are present in your body but you are not even aware of it.

Do you know that there are many such superpowers in your body which are present in your body but you do not even know about it.

1. Body temperature control

This is a very interesting super power. Imagine that you are able to control the temperature of your body as you wish. This is actually possible. With this super power you can make yourself a cool person. You will not need AC in summer and you will not need jacket in winter. Because you can control the temperature of your body through the power of your own mind. People who have achieved this super power can control not only their body but also the temperature of the things around them.


Monks living in northern India were called by a group of scientists for an experiment. They put several mongks in a 4 degree Celsius room and put a cloth soaked in cold water on their bodies. That cloth was very cold, then Monks started trying the powers of his mind, after a few minutes steam started coming out from the cold water cloth present on his body in that 4 degree room. Those scientists lost their senses.

Science could not explain it till date. You must have also heard that mongks live in cold places like the Himalayas. And that too in less clothes.

Now you must want to know that how can we achieve this power.

What is our brain or not, it is such a thing that even science has not been able to fully understand it yet. You can get this power only through your mind .Simply you have to instruct your mind to change the temperature of my body, now you will say that speaking once will do little. It will not happen by speaking once, but by practicing daily, you will get control over your mind. Right now your mind is controlling you but after regular practice you started controlling your mind.

And once the mind is under control then you can do whatever you want.

2. Supper strength

Super strength is that alarming power that activates in your body when you are in a situation between life and death.
There have been many such cases in the world in which a person is in the circumstances of life and death and in that situation he does such things which a normal person cannot do.
An 18 year old boy named kyle holtrust. He was going somewhere when a car ran over him and the weight of that car was about 1500 kg. Then a person named Tim Boyle immediately went to him and he lifted the car and removed it. Seeing this thing, the people around were completely shocked. After this accident when people asked Tim how did you do it, his answer was ” i just did it, i really don’t know how i did it. “

Means he himself did not know how he had done it. When he saw that child in problem, at that time a strange power came inside him.
There are many more such cases. There was a life and death situation in these accidents. When it was a life and death situation, he lifted the car, but when he tried to lift it again, he could not lift it even an inch. Scientist believes that in those situations this super power automatically gets activated in your body. It comes in your body when a hormone named Adronalin is released in our body. And adronalin comes out when you are in a very dangerous situation. It comes out of the hypothalamus in your brain. And this hormone gives you super power. This super power is inside your body but you cannot activate it whenever you want.
Because it activates only in dangerous situations, no it is not so if you can make your mind feel that you are in a dangerous situation then it will activate. For this you need to control your mind.

3. No Pain

There is a hormone in your body which we call indolphin, it comes out in your body when you are exercising. Or you are exited for something, or when you hurt yourself. That is, when you are in pain. Physical pain or mental pain. Whenever you have pain, this indolphin hormone helps you to reduce it. So now you think that if you have the power to release indolphin inside you, then what can you do, after that you can stop the pain from happening consiously.


So now my question to you is that which of these 3 super powers would you like to achieve ?
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