You can get whatever you want in the world, and that too very quickly in the shortest possible time.

The power of your Subconscious Mind is more than the power of your Conscious Mind.

Subconscious Mind is more than the power of your Conscious Mind

You would know this, but do you know when your Subconscious Mind is in its most powerful form?
When does its power remain maximum? If you come to know this, then with the help of this you can get whatever you want in the world, and that too very quickly in the shortest possible time.
It is most powerful when you are going to sleep.
The last five minutes of your day, whatever information you send to your mind at that time will start happening in your life. At that time you have a very unique power about which no one has told you till date.
If you think positively throughout the day, it is more effective than five minutes before sleeping at night.
If you think positive throughout the day and you will have negative thoughts at night, then there will be no use of positive thinking for the whole day.
And vice versa if you remain negative the whole day but you remain positive in those 5 minutes then it will be most effective. By doing one thing in those 5 minutes, you can get whatever you want in the world.
Be it a thing or a person.

The 5 minutes before sleeping every day, the thinking of that time is most effective.

It affects your life in a very amazing way.
Most of us, when we go to sleep at night, then in the 5 minutes before sleeping, we think about all those things which are negative.
Today this went wrong with me, today my work did not happen and we think about many such negative things.
We think about all such things which cause us only tension.

Now you would like to know what you have to do,

Think Positive…

So you have to do exactly the opposite.
You have to think positive instead of negative things.
I know it may seem like a small thing to you but it can turn your life around.

When the internet is done at night, after that when you go to sleep, then you keep your spine straight in this pose and then you have to take 10 deep breaths and then you have to do visualization.
You thinking that you have the unique power to get everything inside you is roaming around your mind. Your mind is being filled with one energy from both inside and outside.
When you will be doing this then you will see that your mind automatically starts to calm down.
When your mind is calm, think about all the things you want until you fall asleep.

Now you will feel that how we can get what we want by thinking about positive things or thinking about what we want just 5 minutes before sleeping?

So now let me tell you how it works.

Your Subconscious Mind is more powerful 5 minutes before you sleep than the whole day. Now every powerful thing has a weakness. The Subconscious Mind also has a weakness, that is the weakness of distinction. Whatever you think, your Subconscious Mind pulls all those things towards you, but it does not know what is real and what is fake. That’s why he accepts what you think as real and if you stick to that thing then it becomes real.
Means if you think something negative before sleeping at night then it is just a thought for you but for your Subconscious Mind it is a real situation, and in reality the same thing starts happening in your life. If you think negative before sleeping, then your subconscious mind takes it as a suggestion, indirectly you are telling it to make my life like this. If you think negatively, then even if something good is happening in your life, it will not happen. Because you are tying the scope of your thinking to negative things. If you have to do some important work tomorrow, then start thinking from the next day night itself that whatever happens tomorrow will be good, this will increase your chances of success.

That time between waking up and sleeping is a miraculous time.
Start doing one thing from tonight itself, five minutes before sleeping you have to think positive and I am sure your next day will be good.

Yor next day will be GOOD.

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